The Claudia Jones Award is for best paper by a graduate student presented at the previous year’s meeting of the Caribbean Philosophical Association International Conference. No award was given for the 2019 conference. Information on past awardees can be found below:

The Caribbean Philosophical Association is pleased to announce the 2016-2017 recipient of Claudia Jones Award for best paper by a graduate student at the CPA 13th annual meeting held at UCONN in Storrs, June 16-18, 2016,. The award will be conferred in a special session of the CPA14th annual meeting, which will take place June 22–24 at BMCC, CUNY in New York City. For more information on the conference, click here.



The Claudia Jones Award for Best Paper 
presented by a graduate student in the CPA 2016 Annual Conference


“The Big World in ‘Small Places’: James W. Johnson’s Interpretation and 
Participation in the Reconstruction of African American Folk Culture”
By Li Beilei








Li Beilei is a doctoral student at Zhejiang University, China.  Her paper created quite a stir at the Caribbean Philosophical Association conference in June 2016 at UCONN in Storrs Connecticut.  Beginning from the premise of the Jim Crow restrictions on African Americans in effect forcing them into a small nation place within a large country, she explored James Weldon Johnson’s efforts to develop a rigorous ethnography of African American folk culture.  According to the referee: “The elements of this paper utilizing Africana philosophical archaeolinguistics alongside insights in Chinese cryptography is, simply, brilliant.  In addition to what the paper offers Johnson scholarship, there is so much more, as it reveals, in phenomenological fashion, so many unseen elements through which the Africana world meets the Asian, even though the stated approach is not comparative.  The author, in other words, makes convergence seamless in an effort to shed light on the theoretical problems at hand.  I’m very much looking forward to additional work from this author, as this work already reveals the presence of a first-rate mind.”

The Claudia Jones Award Previous Recipients



Matthew McIlhenny, Independent Scholar, for “Accounting for Information in Data Value Chains and Regaining Finance Trust through Decentralized ledgers.”

Work presented at the CPA 12th annual conference in Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico, June 2015.



Kojo Koram, "Can the Subaltern Teach? Towards a New Geo-epistemic for the European Age of Crisis.”
Work presented at the CPA 11th annual conference in St. Louis, Missouri, June 2014.