Founded in 2003 in Mona, Jamaica, the principal goal of the CPA is to support the free exchange of ideas and foster an intellectual community that is representative of the diversity of voices and perspectives that is paradigmatic of, but not limited to, the Caribbean. The Caribbean is thus understood not solely as a geopolitical region, but as a trope to investigate dimensions of the multiple undersides of modernity. Likewise, philosophy is conceived, not as an isolated academic discipline, but as rigorous theoretical reflection about fundamental problems faced by humanity. Understood in this way, Caribbean philosophy is a transdisciplinary form of interrogation aiming to elucidate fundamental questions that emerge with discovery, conquest, racial, gender, and sexual domination, genocide, dependency, and exploitation as well as freedom, emancipation, and decolonization.


Dear CPA members and 2019 conference participants:

We look forward to seeing many of you at this year’s annual Caribbean Philosophical Association meeting at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. In preparation for the meeting, we wish to share with you housing options as you plan your travel.

We have arranged conference hotel rates with two hotels in downtown Providence: Hampton Inn & Suites and The Providence Biltmore. There is also an option to stay at dorm rooms on the campus of Brown University.

You must complete book reservations for all these options by May 5th to receive the conference rates.

Here is the booking information:


Conference rate: $179.00 per night. Click here to book at the Hampton Inn Hotel.



Conference rate: $169.00 per night. Click here to book at the Biltmore Hotel. 
CPA Group Reservation Code: 1906BROCPA
ONLINE:  Guests can visit our website,, click on the "Book Now" button in the top right corner of the screen, choose their arrival and departure dates and enter the group code.  

PHONE: Guests can call a Hotel Reservations Agent directly at 401-421-0700 and choose Option 1, open seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, and use your group code or event name when speaking with the reservations agent.



Conference rate: $55 per night
Brown University has offered to provide housing in their dormitories as a more affordable alternative for your stay during the CPA conference.
If you are interested in staying in one of the dorms, please fill this form out and we will be in touch with you.


Additional recommended housing options include Airbnb and hotel searches through

Should you have any questions on housing or other conference inquiries, please contact us at:


See you in June!


With respect,


Neil Roberts and Doug Ficek

CPA President & Vice-President

On behalf of the conference planning committee

Caribbean Philosophical Association

2019 Annual Meeting

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Housing information below