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Submissions for the CPA 2018 annual conference are now closed.

The Caribbean Philosophical Association (CPA), in collaboration with La Société sénégalaise de philosophie (SOSEPHI), will hold its 2018 international conference in Dakar, Sénégal, at the Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar (UCAD). The site of the meeting will be the Confucius Institute and the UCAD 2.

The theme — Shifting the Geography of Reason: Ways of Knowing, Past and Future — focuses on the complexity of thinking, reasoning, philosophizing, and more through the complex history of the formation and challenges of the global south.

The CPA organized this collaboration because of its mission of shifting the geography of reason, which involves meeting not only with intellectual and artistic communities in countries of the global south but also across many linguistic and cultural lines.

This will be the CPA’s first international conference in continental Africa. Given its contribution to global and African philosophy, Sénégal offers a meaningful opportunity to bring the variety of languages and cultures of the Americas (and the global membership of the CPA) in transformative conversation with those of the Francophone world and the many countries of Africa.

It is our hope that this meeting will inaugurate ongoing conversations on topics ranging from ancient through contemporary forms of knowledge.

Themes to consider are: plural Modernities — among which are Afromodernity, Euromodernity, Indomodernity, Sinomodernity, and more; imagined configurations such as Afrotopia and Afrofuturity; manifold epistemological possibilities; transdisciplinarity; reimagining forms of human science; and pressing challenges for the production of knowledge and global political realities. 

For more information, check the CPA website for updates and the website de La Société sénégalaise de philosophie ( 

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Founded in 2003 in Mona, Jamaica, the principal goal of the CPA is to support the free exchange of ideas and foster an intellectual community that is representative of the diversity of voices and perspectives that is paradigmatic of, but not limited to, the Caribbean. The Caribbean is thus understood not solely as a geopolitical region, but as a trope to investigate dimensions of the multiple undersides of modernity. Likewise, philosophy is conceived, not as an isolated academic discipline, but as rigorous theoretical reflection about fundamental problems faced by humanity. Understood in this way, Caribbean philosophy is a transdisciplinary form of interrogation aiming to elucidate fundamental questions that emerge with discovery, conquest, racial, gender, and sexual domination, genocide, dependency, and exploitation as well as freedom, emancipation, and decolonization.